Restaurant Macquis Yasolo et exotic and fine grocery

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Afrique Centrale

At Groupe Yasolo, we strive to offer a unique Afro-Quebecer culinary experience that brings together the various black identities. 

They are at the very heart of the multicultural identity of Quebec society.
Located on the edge of one of the oldest settlements of Afro-Quebecers, we are privileged to play a decisive role in offering the next generation of Afro-Quebecers a culinary experience that cements and shapes their unique identity.

At Groupe Yasolo, we follow the principle that food connects us to nature. The manufacturing of our food is inspired by artisanal processes and our African roots. They contribute positively to our health and that of the planet. We strive to build a sustainable agri-food system that, from earth to plate, benefits the members of this chain and transcends a unique Afro-Quebec cultural experience. Afro-Canadians have been sculpting Canada for over 400 years. In Montreal Afro-Quebecers represent 171,385 individuals, or 10% of the Montreal population. They form the largest visible minority group in the city.

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Our store is located in the heart of the St-Henri district in Montreal. We are at3763 Notre-Dame West, close to the Atwater market.

We are here !
A historic neighborhood that is being revitalized by local merchants. The city of Montreal has put in place a development program for the shopping street and we are proud to be part of this project.


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